Embracing Your Scars to Overcome Them

An emotionally scarred person. The descriptor alone can be off putting…

emotionally scarred:  [eh-mow-shun-nah-lee skard] – to be marked or affected greatly by past experiences.


  • Emotional scars are not always indicative of mental illness.
  • The number of life experiences that can lead to emotional scarring can not be quantified.
  • Emotional scars often go undetected and untreated.

The chances of you and/or your loved ones bearing the scars of past traumas are greater than you could imagine.  Why does this matter? Why should you care? Well, many of us are accustomed to disregarding traumatic experiences when they do not leave us black and blue. We go through some (for the lack of a better) shit, and just “keep it pushing”. Sure,  perseverance is essential to success, but it need not apply to the early stages of healing…

The healing process of emotional scars varies case by case, in the same way as the healing process of physical scars. There is no treatment plan that is highly effective for all, but all emotional scars that go untreated have some effect.

Give yourself the opportunity to recover so that your mind, body, and soul can reach its maximum potential. Show yourself compassion, and patience…  Show others compassion, and patience. You never know what someone could be concealing.


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