Why Me Against the World is Really You Against Yourself

You should advocate on your own behalf. Advocating for yourself is the basis of self-care. But a part of self-care is recognizing that you can’t do it all on your own. Trying to take on the world by yourself will eventually lead to your own demise.

There is a strong association between social support and psychological wellbeing[1]. This means that those who have a strong support system are less likely to experience grave psychological distress. A strong support system is a network of reciprocal relationships. People that you give support to and receive support from. This support might include words of encouragement, assistance, or advice (professional & personal).

With that being said, it’s important to note that all support systems aren’t great support systems. A weak support system also impacts your psychological wellbeing. A support system that lacks strength lacks healthy relationships.

What are unhealthy relationships? Unhealthy relationships are not mutually beneficial and can be just as troublesome as no relationships at all.  So not only do we do better together than we do alone;  we do better when our support systems aren’t weak. Therefore, it is important to recognize when you need help and if it is a resource that is readily available to you. If you notice that your support system is incapable of fulfilling your needs or that there are voids, it would be wise to reassess and take action.


[1] T. S. (2008, April). Support & Social Conflict: Section One – Social Support. Retrieved from https://macses.ucsf.edu/research/psychosocial/socsupp.php

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